Skywars With Kits

Ever wanted to play Hypixel skywars but on Minecraft bedrock edition? Worry not! We have brought it to you! Skywars With Kits features 7 arenas to play on and 28 kits to choose from (similar to hypixel skywars kits) and with only 2 modes implemented after 3 matches. 2 players are needed to begin a match but you can play with up to 12 players! The arenas repair themselves after each match. Be the last man standing to win the game! Get on top of the scoreboard list by having the most victories! What are you waiting for? Have fun and goodluck!

Released on Jan 30, 2023, updated on Mar 13, 2023

Map Specifications:

Update changelogs

  1. Players can not travel to the nether
  2. Fixed kit paging issue
  3. Fixed portal
  4. Modified programming