Treasure Wars


We took inspiration from the famous bedrock edition server called "Hive" to create this new category for Treasure wars maps. The maps below are fully functional and playable by 2 to 8 players. We made them similar to Hive maps because we saw a need to help those who where disadvantaged by their devices or network connection to play or practice on Hive server. These maps will allow anyone to be able to play "Hive-like maps" offline and help them practice either on low-end devices or high-end devices. There are currently 6 maps available to download.

Treasure wars Fate

Ending off our 2023 Treasure wars project with this brand new map!

Treasure wars Igloo

A cold and snowy arena. Great for rushing!

Treasure wars Prismarine

Introducing a new and improved Treasure wars map!

Treasure wars Deep Sea

Our last Treasure wars map for 2022

Treasure wars Mushroom fungus

Fully functional map similar to "Mushroom" - A famous map from the Hive server.

Treasure wars

Our very first treasure wars map, featuring a solo gameplay.