Our skywars maps

Get access to 9 free exciting Skywars maps made by our team. Ranging from Skywars compilations to lucky ore Skywars maps! Send us feedback and report map issues on our social media accounts or through the contact page.

Skywars With Kits

7 arenas, 28 kits and 2 modes

Lucky Ore Skywars 3

Ending off year 2022 skywars project with Lucky Ore Skywars 3! Arena in planet Norra!

Lucky Ore Skywars 2

Skywars with Lucky ores part two! Arena in Palmae map!

Lucky Ore Skywars

Play skywars with Lucky ores! Arena in Spook hotel map!

SkyWars Compiled 3

Our last Compiled map for 2021. Includes 5 arenas namely: Artificial park, FishTank, Outcast, CornApple and Helipad.

SkyWars Compiled 2

Its a sequel! Just like the previous map, it has 5 arenas namely: Ancient sand cave, Midcrown, Blizzard, Netherrack and Rainforest.

SkyWars Compiled

Have fun playing 5 different skywars arenas, namely: Farmlands, Space station, The Ruins, Air balloons and Desert pillars.

Avatar Sky Wars

Be Jake from the Avatar movie and fall in love with a blue alien.

Sky Wars

Our very first sky wars map.