Bed Wars

Our Bed wars maps

Now introducing ULTIMATE bed wars! This version is new and doesn't only have all the basic bed wars programming but it includes more Hypixel-like features like fireballs, TNTs, potions, team upgrades, traps and much more! These type of maps are compatible with players being on survival mode which means they can place anywhere and break anything using their hand. Also, we've made Lite versions of these maps to accommodate low end devices. If you find the full versions laggy on your device, don't worry, the Lite versions have reduced 80% of the lag and you can only trade with the normal villager UI. We'll keep improving as time goes plus you can expect remakes of old maps. You can now get full access to 9 different bed wars maps made by our team! Stay in touch with us on our social media pages to get notified when new ULTIMATE bed wars maps have dropped.

Fireball Fight

Fireball fight your way to victory!

Practice Bed Wars (Remake)

Train yourself to become better at bed wars!

Classic Bed Wars

Ending off our 2022 bed wars project with a classic bed wars design!

Shipwreck Bed Wars

Ahhoy mate! Pirates also play bed wars!

West Ridge Bed Wars

One of the best bed wars maps you could ever wish for!

Practice Bed Wars

Improve your bed wars skills!

Explorers Bed wars

2 Teams, 8 in each, 16 players, battling down to earn only 1 victory!

Pirate Ship Bay

A map similar to Hypixel java edition bed wars called "Swashbuckle". You heard of it?

Monster Terror Spawn Wars

Protect your spawn! Map functions exactly the same as bed wars.

Sand Storm Bedwars

Our first bed wars to have fireballs and potions. Find out more.

Planetary Devastation bedwars

Calling all anime fans!