Practice Bed Wars (Remake)

If you struggle to get better at bed wars or you just don't have friends to play bed wars with, then worry not, this map is made for you! Play bed wars against bot players in this new map. Destroy your enemy beds and eliminate them from the game. The map repairs every after each match. If you wish to play with your friends the map can support a max of 4 players. We hope you get your bed wars skills better! Good luck and have fun!

‚ÄéReleased on Jun 30, 2023, updated on Nov 30, 2023

Map Specifications:

Update changelogs

  1. Fixed multiplayer gameplay
  2. Faster generators
  3. Fixed respawn issues
  4. Now includes lite version
  5. Made compatible for Education edition
  6. Added victory counter
  7. Fixed player skins
  8. Added cosmetics and victory dances
  9. Bot players now have projectiles
  10. Added game settings
  11. Added emeralds
  12. Unlocked all trades