Find all our map collection here, from old maps to new ones. We included them all. Below are categories you can explore to find which map best fits your style. You can also take a peek on our YouTube channel to see what's new from Noblecrate MC. Now go download, play and enjoy!

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Bed Wars

"Protect your bed and destroy the enemy beds..." I'm sure you've heard of those words before. It's Bed Wars!

Treasure Wars

'X' marks the spot on treasure wars! A popular mini-game inspired by the bedrock edition Hive server.

Egg Wars

What came first? The dragon or the egg?


"Gather resources and equipment on your island in order to eliminate every other player..." We can't say it more than HYPIXEL!


"...a game that requires violence, speed, momentum..." Ladies and gentlemen let the PVP games begin!


Don't get enough of the fun? There's more in store. Try something new.

Who are we?

We're team Noblecrate MC!
A team made from skilled and hard working individuals who offer good quality minecraft maps to the minecraft bedrock edition community. Inspired by minecraft market place creations, we try our very best to improve our work to mimic professional features done by market place creators and other popular minecraft servers. In future, we are hoping to develop java edition maps to accommodate all minecraft platforms.

The Noblecrate MC Team

Below are the latest Noblecrate MC team members who help create content for the site.

Hello! I'm Nuke, an expert in command blocks and a very good builder. I also develop add-ons for maps.

- Nuke Owner - NC.

Hey! I'm also a command block specialist dude and a builder. Charlie is the name.

- Charlie CO-owner - NC.

Hi! Call me Emerald, I'm a builder. Soon to become a texture pack creator. Hope you all like the maps!

- Emerald Member - NC.