Treasure wars Deep Sea

Our last solo game mode treasure wars map for 2022. As before, only a minimum of 2 players are required to start the game and a maximum of 8 players can play. The map features a variety of Hive's gameplay experience, including trade prices, labeling, map layout, messages and same sounds. Gold generators can also be upgraded and team generators stop working when a team has been eliminated! There's more to find out! Go have fun.

Released on Feb 28, 2022
Map version updates:

  • Minecraft version 1.17.30
  • Added Gold, diamond and emerald generators
  • Each treasure island has an Item shop
  • Treasure box can be destroyed by tapping on it
  • Gold generators are upgradeable
  • Automatic armor gearing
  • Armor is permanent
  • Added snowball
  • Added ender chests
  • Added a lobby with parkour
  • Added floating texts
  • Players are on adventure mode