SkyWars Compiled 3

We decided to end 2021 with SkyWars Compiled 3, a world that includes 5 different skywars arenas namely: Artificial park, FishTank, Outcast, CornApple and Helipad. The map is functional and has an auto repairing system for all arenas with just only one click of a button. Players can join and play different arenas at the same time while a match is running in a different arena and each arena needs only 2 players to start a match. All victories are counted, be the one on top of the scoreboard by earning more wins! Good luck!

Released on Dec 17, 2021
Map version updates:

  • Minecraftpe version 1.17.30
  • Functional
  • 5 different skywars arenas
  • Repairing system for all arenas
  • Added victory count
  • Added Randomized chest loots
  • Added Floating text
  • Optional number of players