SkyWars Compiled 2

Play on another Skywars Compiled world that also includes 5 different skywars arenas namely: Ancient sand cave, Midcrown, Blizzard, Netherrack and Rainforest. The map is functional and has an auto repairing system for all arenas with just only one click of a button. We chose not to add these new arenas in the previous skywars map as an update for the map because we would have had insufficient tickingarea space to accommodate all arenas, therefor this is not an update of the previous Skywars Compiled map but a separate copy with newly built arenas. Players can join and play different arenas at the same time while a match is running in a different arena and each arena needs only 2 players to start a match. All victories are counted, be the one on top of the scoreboard by earning more wins! Good luck!

Released on Nov 28, 2021

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