PVP Duels

Practice with your friends and family on this new PVP map and get yourself ranked on the leaderboard. There are 4 different 1v1 PVP arenas to choose from. A PVE arena has also been added to support single player, meaning you can still have fun playing alone! Kits are included! We recommend you to play with a maximum of 3 players. Try not to disable the command blocks nor "/kill" any entity except players. Please report map problems on our social media accounts or contact us through the contact form. What are you waiting for? Go have fun and good luck!

Released on Dec 07, 2022, updated on Mar 17, 2023

Map Specifications:

Update changelogs

  1. Slow falling effect has been made optional
  2. Fixed repairing issues
  3. Fixed PVE Matches