Sand Storm Bedwars v1

Sand storm bedwars is now out! The map features potions, team upgrades and automated armor upgrades! Please note that armor is sold as half set which means you can only upgrade boots and leggings. Plus purchased armors are permanent, you don't lose it when you die. Armor is also worn automatically, you don't have to put it on after purchased. Team upgrade enhances your bed defense by giving blindness and miner fatigue effects to enemies, make sure to check them out!

Released on Dec 19, 2020

Map Specifications:

  • Minecraft:
  • Type: Bed wars
  • Number of Arenas: 1
  • Mode: 2v2v2v2
  • Min players: 2
  • Max players: 8
  • Updates: 1
  • Auto repair: True
  • Other specifications: you can trade with iron, gold, diamond and emeralds. You can purchase potions, traps, ender pearls, half armor sets, pickaxes etc. but obsidian trades have been locked.

Update changelogs

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Version 1

Demo version