Monster Terror Spawn Wars

Spawn wars is basically like bed wars but this time you protect a monster spawner instead of a bed. Everything else is exactly the same as bed wars. You got the iron-gold generator, diamond generators, emerald generators and the villagers. Purchased armors are permanent, which means if you die you lose everything but not your armor. Armor upgrades are also sold as half set, you got boots and leggings only.

Updated on Sept 04, 2021
Map version updates:

  • From Minecraftpe version to 1.16.210
  • Difficulty turned to normal
  • Fixed starting routine
  • Faster generator droppings
  • Modified islands
  • Fixed re-spawning problem
  • All islands are functioning
  • Added shears
  • Added fireballs
  • Added ender pearls
  • Added all expected swords
  • Added half armor sets
  • Added expected item generators
  • Added chests
  • Added axes
  • No locked trades