Shipwreck Bed Wars

Have fun playing on a new ULTIMATE bed wars map arena that features a variety of Hypixel game play and experience like auto igniting TNTs, fireballs, potions, auto armor gearing, bed destruction count, unbreakable blast protection blocks, fancy generators, upgradeable axes and pickaxes and lots more. Just like our recently posted bed wars map called West Ridge, players get to play on survival mode letting them place anywhere and break any breakable blocks using their hand (which is very efficient when using invisibility potions). TNT and fireball jumping is now possible but make sure you have purchased upgraded armor or you'll get a lot of damage, you can also try to ladder clutch. The map is compatible with low end devices, try out the Lite version. Item shops can be also switched from experimental to normal trade UI. Send us some feedback on the contact page if you experience any issues.

‚ÄéReleased on Jun 21, 2022, updated on Apr 14, 2023

Map Specifications:

  • Minecraft: 1.19 to 1.19.71
  • Type: Bed wars
  • Number of Arenas: 1
  • Mode: 4v4v4v4
  • Min players: 2
  • Max players: 16
  • Updates: 10
  • Auto repair: True
  • Other specifications: you can trade with iron, gold, diamonds and emeralds. You can purchase potions, fireballs, auto igniting TNTs, traps, team upgrades, ender pearls, half armor sets etc. An event timer has been included.

Update changelogs

  1. Spectator mode
  2. Players can return to hub
  3. Fixed TNT issues
  4. Players can not make crafting tables
  5. Fixed textures
  6. Trading points are now displayed
  7. Now includes 2 Item shops with experimental and normal trade UI
  8. Reduced 80% of the lag on lite version