Pirate Ship Bay

Everything is still the same, we've fixed a couple of issues. We recommend you play the latest version of this map on minecraft version 1.16.210. There's no version recommended for minecraft version 1.17 yet, we will work on it soon. For minecraft version users, you can still enjoy the full version (PSB Version 1) of this map which features fireballs and TNT.

Updated on Sept 04, 2021
Map version updates:

  • From Minecraft version to 1.16.210
  • Removed TNT and fireballs
  • Added floating texts
  • Fixed starting routine
  • Fixed respawning issues
  • Fixed village spawning
  • Fixed bed glitch
  • Updated village trades
  • Updated textures
  • Added ender pearls
  • Added potions
  • Added auto armor gearing
  • Added traps
  • Added Knock back sticks
  • Max of 8 players