Explorers Bed Wars

We've discovered a bad texture problem in this map and have fixed it! Consider downloading the updated version of this map if using Minecraft v1.16.210. Some features were removed during map upgrade. Please continue reporting map issues on our social media accounts and by emailing us using the contact page. Your feedback helps us.

Updated on Sept 04, 2021
Map version updates:

  • From Minecraft version to 1.16.210
  • Fixed respawning issues
  • Fixed incomplete islands
  • 8 vs 8
  • Removed fireballs
  • Removed TNT
  • Added traps
  • All islands are functioning
  • Added shears
  • Added ender pearls
  • Added all expected swords
  • Added half armor sets
  • Added expected item generators
  • Added chests
  • Added axes
  • No locked trades