Classic Bed Wars

The last ULTIMATE bed wars map for 2022! This map has a classic design similar to the map called "Lotus" found in one of Hypixel's bed wars maps. The map can be played by only 2 to 16 players. Try not to disable the command blocks or the map will stop working. The map also includes 2 types of Item shops - one with the usual trading screen and one with a chest ui screen - and you get to choose which shop you prefer. A lite version is also available to accommodate low end devices. Have fun!

Released on July 15, 2022
Map version updates:

  • Minecraft version 1.19
  • Includes 2 Item shops with experimental and normal trade UI
  • Reduced 80% of the lag on lite version
  • Minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 16 players can play
  • Squads game mode (4 teams, 4 players in each)
  • Added iron, gold, diamond and emerald generators
  • Added potions
  • Added fireballs
  • Added auto igniting TNTs
  • Added traps
  • Features fancy generators
  • Added a timer
  • Added ender pearls
  • Added half armor sets
  • Added team upgrades
  • Added auto repairing system