Classic Bed Wars

The last ULTIMATE bed wars map for 2022! This map has a classic design similar to the map called "Lotus" found in one of Hypixel's bed wars maps. The map can be played by only 2 to 16 players. Try not to disable the command blocks or the map will stop working. The map also includes 2 types of Item shops - one with the usual trading screen and one with a chest ui screen - and you get to choose which shop you prefer. A lite version is also available to accommodate low end devices. Have fun!

Released on Jul 15, 2022, updated on Apr 14, 2023

Map Specifications:

  • Minecraft: 1.19 to 1.19.71
  • Type: Bed wars
  • Number of Arenas: 1
  • Mode: 4v4v4v4
  • Min players: 2
  • Max players: 16
  • Updates: 6
  • Auto repair: True
  • Other specifications: you can trade with iron, gold, diamond and emeralds. You can purchase potions, fireballs, auto igniting TNTs, traps, team upgrades, ender pearls, half armor sets etc. An event timer has been included.

Update changelogs

  1. Spectator mode
  2. Players can return to hub
  3. Players can not make crafting tables
  4. Trading points are now displayed
  5. Includes 2 item shops with experimental and normal trade UI
  6. Reduced 80% of the lag on lite version