Practice Bed Wars

Train yourself to become better at bed wars. Play with friends or solo. Fight against mobs instead of players. The map is laggy, we prefer you play with at least 4 players. We've set a timer for mobs to attack your base, don't let them stay long or your bed might get destroyed! Diamonds were not included as they had less use. Also be aware of the map repair style, it's very weird trust me...

Updated on Apr 07, 2021
Map version updates:

  • Minecraftpe version
  • 4 players max
  • Map is a little bit laggy
  • Only 1 functioning start island
  • PVP false
  • Fight against mobs
  • Added half armor sets
  • Removed diamond generators
  • No chests
  • Repairs before and after playing



Minecraft v1.16.210

Beta Version

Minecraft v1.16.100.50

Beta Version